On the Hunt


The following animals require permits to be hunted. 

It is strongly recommended to inform us beforehand - according to the permit application period stated below.

African Wild cat POR 15 days
Baboon POR   2 days
Bontebok POR
Caracal POR 15 days
Common Reedbuck POR 30 days
Civet POR 15 days
Duiker Blue POR
Honey Badger POR 30 days
Hyena Spotted POR 30 days
Monkey Vervet POR   2 days
Roan POR 30 days
Serval cat POR 30 days
Tsessebe POR 30 days
Wildebeest - Black POR





Our Hunting season runs from February to November.

Rifle hunting must be planned to take place between March & October and Bowhunting between July & September.   A minimum of ten days is required for Bowhunting



Our winter is between May & August with temperatures between 40f in the mornings and 68f in the afternoons.

Autumn and Spring is from February to April and September to October with temperatures between 59f in the mornings and 86f in the afternoons.

For more info on SA weather, go to - www.weathersa.co.za



Hunting is conducted on various concessions, covering an area of approximately 500,000 acres in the Limpopo area.

The method of hunting depends on the client, whether it be with a Bow, a Pistol or a Rifle.  We are equally equipped to take care of all types of hunting requirements.  

Trophies are skinned by highly experienced skinners, who also prepare the trophies for dip & packing.  Most of the meat is used for camp purposes.

With well maintained company vehicles, our 4 x 4 hunting trucks - equipped with two-way radios and field support - are able to undertake almost any hunting trip in South Africa.  Well experienced professional hunters and trackers ensures a trouble free and exciting hunting experience - long to be remembered.


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