Required Documents


  1. CUSTOMS FORM 4457 - Exportation of Rifles
  2. SAPS FORM 520 - Importation of Rifles
  3. New Traveling Requirements for Children under 18
  4. LETTER OF INVITATION - This letter will be valid once the Safari has been booked officially
  5. PASSPORT - check your passport and Visa expiry dates
  6. RETURN FLIGHT TICKETS to your country of origin, or a copy of your itinerary


You will need to go to a US Customs Office to receive a CUSTOMS FORM 4457. To be completed by the hunter BEFORE going on the trip - not on the day of departure. Customs Service has offices at any large international airport.

Please ensure that your gun is packed in a crash resistant plastic or metal case that locks. To ensure 100% compliance, confirm with your airline for their policies on guns and ammunition.

2. SAPS FORM 520

After arrival in South Africa, you will repossess your rifle at the South African Police Service, Firearm Control Office. By registering your firearm with a SAPS FORM 520. This will allow you with a temporary import permit. Keep this permit in a safe place.

The hunter must NOT sign this document at home, but rather in the presence of a police officer at the arrival airport.


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