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                                "Experience your African Dream"

With the 2022 hunting season fast approaching, there are once again great expectations in the camp and it promises to be a very successful season again.

During a review of our photo archives since 1999, it was once again clear why Hunters from all over the world regards Unico Safaris as one of the best hunting organizations in Southern Africa.

These excellent trophies over the years, evoke memorable memories and ensure that the classic spirit of African hunting will always be preserved.

2019 Facebook Vark 7 x2019 Facebook Vark 6 x2019 Facebook Vark 5 x

2019 Facebook Vark 1 x2019 Facebook Vark 2 x2019 Facebook Vark 4 x

2019 Facebook Vark 8 x2019 Facebook Vark 3 x2019 Facebook Vark 9 x

2019 Facebook Kudu 12019 Facebook Eland 12019 Facebook Bushbuck 1

2019 Facebook Nyala 12019 Facebook Sable 12019 Facebook Roan 1

2019 Facebook Waterbuck 12019 Facebook Oryx 12019 Facebook BWB 1

For any enquiries regarding your future hunt, please feel free to contact Tania Kaiser

Phone  +27 83 775 3472 or e-mail her at tania@unicohunting.co.za



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